April 7, 2021

9:009:15OpeningSaudi HPC/AI OrgAhmad Alabduljabbar
9:1510:05The Bologna technopole in the context of the EuroHPC ecosystem: future trends and development strategies (Abstract)CINECA, Sponsored by IntelSanzio Bassini
10:0510:35Energy Efficient Computing @LRZLRZ, Sponsored by LenovoHerbert Huber
10:3510:40Grab your tea/coffee break
10:4011:10Artificial and natural intelligenceHPEEng Lim Goh
11:1011:40Technology trends in HPC and opportunities for a system builderDELLMartin Hilgeman
11:4012:25Panel: Future of Saudi HPC/AI ConferenceModerated by : Saber FekiSanzio Bassini, Herbert Huber, Jysoo Lee, Abdullah Almuhaidb, Saeed Al-Zahrani
12:251:15Lunch and Prayer Break
1:151:40Implementation of Fast Seismic Filtering Algorithm on Multicore GPU processor (Abstract)AramcoKhalid Al-Garni
1:402:05Reinforcing The Kingdom’s Engineering Simulation Capability Through Training And ConsultingKAUSTRooh Khurram
2:052:30HPC applications development at the National Center for Meteorology (Abstract)NCMAlbaraa Khayat
2:302:35Grab your tea/coffee break
2:353:00Solving Acoustic Boundary Integral Equations Using High Performance Tile Low-Rank LU Factorization (Abstract)NeomNoha Al-Harthi
3:003:25High performance AI methods for the Analysis of DNA profile mixtures with a large number of unknown contributorsKAUHamdah Abdullah Alotaibi
3:253:30Grab your tea/coffee break
3:304:30Emerging Infrastructure for Artificial Intelligence, Quantum and High Performance ComputingAWSFaisal Nazir

April 8, 2021

9:009:15Awards draw
9:159:40Explainable AI (Abstract)AramcoYasmeen Alufaisan
9:4010:05CloudLabeling: Object Detection as a Service (Abstract)KAUSTSilvio Giancola
10:0510:30Alsan: An Automatic Arabic Text Proofreader for Spelling and Grammatical Mistakes (Abstract)KAUJumana Alahwal, Amal Meer, and Farah Althinayyan
10:3010:55Processing seismic data in the cloud – a financially feasible solutionPGSJostein Lima
10:5511:00Grab your tea/coffee break
11:0011:10State of HPC at Saudi AramcoAramcoSaeed Al-Zahrani
11:1011:20State of HPC and AI at KAUSTKAUSTJysoo Lee
11:2011:30HPC and AI for Cognitive CitiesNEOMMansoor Hanif
11:3011:40Center for Research Computing at NYUAD (Abstract)NYUADMuataz Al-Barwani
11:4011:50HPC and computational sciences in UM6PUM6P/ASCCAhmed Ratnani
11:5012:00National Center for Meteorology High Performance Computer System (Abstract)NCMMohammed Al-Amri
12:0012:10Aziz HPCC: A Bird’s Eye ViewKAURayan Hisham Mosli
12:1013:15Lunch and Prayer Break
13:1513:45Accelerating Storage with Optane and DAOS (Abstract)IntelJohann Lombardi
13:4514:15HPC Technology TrendsHPEMike Woodacre
14:1514:45HPC & AI Market/TrendsDellChristopher Huggins
14:4514:50Grab your tea/coffee break
14:5015:20Simplifying AI deployment on HPC and K8s clustersLenovoValerio Rizzo
15:2015:50Introduction to the Intel oneAPI Development EnvironmentIntelEdmund Preiss
15:5016:00Closing SessionAhmad Alabduljabbar