Hackathon (3 days)

Target audience: Higher Education students
Capacity: 40-45 teams with recommendation of 2-4 students/team


The proposed hackathon aims to guide students in developing their own innovative Al solutions to recent trending problems in the medical field.

In this hackathon, we:
• Design the requirements to be beginner friendly. We will offer support participating student with an informative session on using Google Collaboratory and Python as tools for building their hackathon prototypes.
• Conduct an ideation session to support teams in selecting high-quality and relevant medical problems and brainstorm on how they can use Al to solve them.
• Provide a collaborative environment for students to access guided mentorship and technical support during the 48-hours where they develop their solutions.
• Select the top 10 teams who will get the opportunity to pitch their project idea and solution online and through live streaming. A judging panel will select top 3 winners.





Day 1

26, September

1 hour


Information Session, includes:

Introduction to Al & Relevant Tools, including Google Collaboratory and Python libraries for Machine Learning

Day 2

27, September

3 hours


Ideation Session (1 hour), includes:

Supporting teams with finalizing their ideas to ensure quality and relevance


Group Guided Mentorship (2 hours), includes:

 Guide teams into developing correct and effective Al solutions

Day 3

28, September


3 hours


Pre-selection of Top 10 Teams (Offline)*includes:

Selection of top 10 teams from total of 40-45 through early round of submissions


Final Project Presentations, includes:

Presentation of top 10 ideas in a live event with the presence of a judging panel, clear judging criteria, with goal of selecting top 3 winners


* Pre selection round on September 29th will take place offline and announcement of top 10 teams will be made prior to 12PM (KSA time)

 Important Notes:

All hackathon activities are to be delivered virtually




Hackathon Actions by Zaka

Poster Actions by Zaka



Advertising the Hackathon

Advertising the Poster Presentation

15- Jul

Submission Open, Advertising from ZAKA

Open, Advertising from ZAKA

Open, Advertising from ZAKA


Submission Closes, extendable for 3 days




Acceptance and Registration confirmation Opens

Send Acceptance Letters

Send Acceptance Letters


Registration Confirmation Closes




Day One

Information Session



Day Two

Ideation Session & Group Mentoring



Day Three

Preselection & Final Project Presentations



Any undergraduate student in Saudi Universities


Virtual event. No physical attendance at IAU premises

Winner Awards

Awards for the three first winners


Winners will be determined by the evaluations committee


  • The winning team members will each receive an award certificate.
  • Award certificates will be given to only the first three first  winners:
    • GOLD AWARD CERTIFICATE, for the first place
    • SILVER AWARD CERTIFICATE, for the second place
    • BRONZE AWARD CERTIFICATE, for the third place
  • All active participants in the competition will receive a participation certificate, for their efforts and participation.
  • Results will be published on the ACM Chapter Competition website.

Registration Steps

For registration contact amanda@zaka.ai


The Programming Competition is a programming contest that is organized by Imam Abdulrahman Bin Faisal University as part of the 2022 Saudi HPC conference.


Zaka is an Al education, consultancy, and team augmentation startup. One of our primary aims at Zaka is to provide the proper Artificial Intelligence (Al) awareness to the community in the MENA region to prepare them for the new technological era. In Al education, we curate Al courses and training to best fit our customers’ industry and workforce. We focus on culturing a practical delivery of knowledge to allow our consumer to exit the learning experience with the knowledge and, most importantly, the skills to grow while working on versatile Al projects.

At Zaka, we offer the flexibility of customizing educational Al tracks that follow closely with your business objectives to maximize your team’s outcome. We are currently offering educational tracks in:
• Data Science and Engineering
• Machine Learning
• Computer Vision
• Natural Language Processing
• Time-series Analysis
• Recommender Systems
• Reinforcement Learning

Scope of Engagement

Zaka’s Scope of Engagement

• Handling students registrations.
• Online platforms provided for meetings, mentoring, technical chat support, live streaming in final event, and cloud notebook as free resource for developing code solution.
• Access to all interactive sessions:
      o Information session
      o Mentoring sessions and instructor support for students
      o Final Presentation event (including: judging panel, judging criteria, live streaming on Social Media on Zaka channels.)

• Zaka will offer USD vouchers to top 3 winning teams.
• Providing session materials, instructors, mentors, and judging panel.
• Covering all logistics for the duration of the 3 days.
• Marketing support for the program including creation of social media posts and other graphic material to be used for promotion


If you have any issues or questions about general contest procedures please feel free to contact our helpdesk team during the competition writing email to amanda@zaka.ai